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EriksEdge.com sells authentic antique tribal and ethnographic swords, arms and shields from around the world. Specializing in the swords and weapons of the Philippines, both the southern Moro peoples and the Northern and Central tribes as well as Indonesian swords, African swords and war clubs of Polynesia. There are also select antique swords and weapons from India, Asia, China, Japan and Islamic cultures.

All of my pieces come with a guarantee of satisfaction, and to be original authentic antiques made for use within the traditional culture.

Erik Farrow became a dealer of antique ethnographic bladed weapons in 1995 fueled by his passion of collecting such swords for ten years before becoming a dealer. The study and research of the weapons gave light to the great appreciation of the cultures and traditional peoples that used such weapons in the past. This appreciation of tribal cultures has pushed me to go further then the weapons and shields alone, and to collect and deal in the ethnographic tribal arts and sculptures as well that can be seen at FarrowFineArt.com.

In the 21st century there is little room for such traditional ways of life and weapons, but with the appreciation and preservation of these important artifacts the memories will continue to live. In addition to selling authentic antique tribal swords and weapons I am always interested in buying quality antique ethnographic swords, shields, weapons and art.