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Recommended Books on Tribal Art, Weapons and Swords

BOOK112: Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago

  • BOOK112 : Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago
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BOOK112: Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago
by A.G. Van Zonneveld.

High quality color photos of just about every type of sword sorted by the Indonesian name. This is the new Bible for Indonesian sword collectors. With 650 photos, illus. of weapons throughout, indices, drawings, hundreds of cross-references, maps and bibliography. The text is entirely English. Reference work on Indonesian edged weapons such as the Andar, Badek, Balato, Baluse, Barong, Bayu, Buko, Golok, Jimpul, Kalasan, Kampilan, Keris/ Kris, (circa 65 Keris and Keris handles have been illustrated among them several early top pieces from the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden) Kudi, Ladieng, Mandau, Niabor, Palitai, Pandat, Parang, Pedang, Sewar, Sumpitan, Tumbok Lada, Wedung etcetera. Many shields, spears, war hats and war dress have been illustrated and described also. Typical for this book is that the weapons can be determined by the shape of their blade by using a scheme, without knowing the Indonesian name. The illustrated pieces have been drawn from the National Museum of Ethnology at Leiden, The Netherlands as well as from several private collections.    

Cover: Hard
Number Pages: 160
Measurements: 9 1/2" x 12"
Publisher: C. Zwartenkot, Art Books, The Netherlands
Publish Date: 2001
Condition: New still in the original plastic wrap
Price: $150.00

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