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Recommended Books on Tribal Art, Weapons and Swords

BOOK108: Shields - Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania

  • BOOK108 : Shields - Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania
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BOOK108: Shields - Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania

Since ancient times the shield has had a variety of uses whether as a defensive or more rarely offensive weapon or as a decorative or ritual object invested with symbolic meaning. Drawing on the collections of the Barbier-Mueller Museum in Geneva this book examines the literary and mythological aspects of shields from Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania, placing them in historical context and interpreting them as beautiful objects with a language of their own. 100 color photos, numerous black & white photographs and line drawings, maps.    

Cover: Hard
Number Pages: 256
Measurements: 12.5" x 9.75"
Publisher: Prestel Publishing
Publish Date: August 2000
Condition: New and unused
Price: $65.00

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