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OC482: Asmat Bone Dagger

  • OC482 : Asmat Bone Dagger
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OC482: Asmat Bone Dagger

A rare and unusual Asmat bone dagger with a cassowary toenail tip. The bone is from the leg of a cassowary bird and the tip has the large toenail of the same bird. There is some adornment remaining that has beads, Jobes tear seeds and cassowary feathers. The bone has a rich warm patina color from age and use.    

Field collected by missionaries Forrest and Dorothy Thorsby while working for The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) between 1953 and 1955. I purchased a small collection of Asmat daggers directly form the daughter of the Thorsby’s.

15 1/2 Tall by 2" Wide with a 3" Claw. Early to mid 20th century, New Guinea.    ....$450.00

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